About Us

About our Union

FACNC is the union representing approximately 400 faculty members at CNC.  We administer and negotiate the Collective Agreement with the College on behalf of all full and part-time faculty members at CNC.  But we do more than that.

FACNC is the professional organization of the college faculty.  Our committees, such as Professional Development, Human Rights, Women and Gender Equity, Political Action, Occupational Health and Safety, as well as hiring and other committees offer members a chance to get involved with current issues.

FACNC supports students through 20 annual scholarships totaling $10,000.00.  Awards are funded from member dues and payroll deduction. (Contact the FACNC office to sign up!)  Information on these scholarships and other funding is available from Financial Aid.

FACNC works with the CNC Students’ Union (CFS Local 13) and the Operational Staff union (CUPE local 4951) to lobby for continued quality publicly-funded post-secondary education.

FACNC takes an active role in the community.  The Faculty Association is a sponsor of the “Active Voice Coalition” which acts to protect community interests.  Coalition members come from a range of political backgrounds to lobby for our region.

FACNC holds Fall, Spring and special general meetings to keep members informed about issues that matter.

FACNC has a role in B.C.’s education community.  Through our membership in FPSE, we are connected with 11,000 post-secondary faculty and staff in colleges, institutes, universities and university-colleges around the province.  Membership in FPSE puts us at the table for post-secondary education. The Faculty Association of the College of New Caledonia consists of professional educators in a labour union.  We’re Local #3 of:

FACNC socials are an important part of our activities.  We try to get faculty together with family and friends every semester for at least two fun events. These socials have included product tasting, pizza socials and other fun activities. We are also proud sponsors of the popular CNC Film Festival.

FACNC publishes Union Matters to keep members informed about faculty association activities and all aspects of contract administration and bargaining. We’re always looking for new writers and editors so if you are interested please let us know at the faculty office.

FACNC is a member of, or affiliated with:

  • Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of British Columbia

  • North Central Labour Council

  • BC Federation of Labour

  • Canadian Association of University Teachers

  • Canadian Labour Congress